Why did we change our name to 'Penny's' Hotel?

The Potts Point district was Sydney's bohemian heartland from the early decades of the 20th century. The illegal trading of alcohol was notorious in the area up until mid-century, led by rival brothel owners, Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh. For most of the 1900s, the Potts Point was an entertainment centre which hosted numerous clubs and cafes as well as the Kings Cross Theatre, one of Sydney's earliest movie houses. The area was also home to a large number of artists, including writers, poets and journalists such as Kenneth Slessor, Christopher Brennan, Hal Porter, George Sprod and Dame Mary Gilmore, entrepreneur Mayfield B. Anthony, actors including Peter Finch and Chips Rafferty, and painters Sir William Dobell and Rosaleen Norton.

Another who called it home was a young lady of the night going by the name of Penny, who was forced into her vocation by homelessness. Penny plied her trade on the curb of what is now known as Penny's Lane. The money Penny made was quickly spent on assisting those in need especially the homeless and was instrumental in creating a homeless community in Bourke Street Park. Penny left her profession to concentrate on helping the homeless and her community, she would be the first to volunteer for any task and did so until her death. The only salute to this golden heart is the laneway on which our venue sits. Hampton's wonderful history will always live on in the building name but we feel that Penny's love of the community runs parallel with what impact our venue wishes to champion.

We all share a wonderfully colourful community and feel it is befitting to welcome you to Penny's Hotel.